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Special Notebr
Good baby should agree to agree to provide Internet-based and mobile network services (hereinafter referred to as "network services"), issued from time to time in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and its operating rules for access to network services, service use (hereinafter referred to as "Users") all the terms of this Agreement and follow the prompts on the page to complete the registration procedure. Click "Agree" button means that the user fully accepts all the terms in this Agreement under the process of the user during the registration process.

User registration is successful, the good doll will give each user a user account and password, the user ID and password from the user responsible for the custody; should be held legally responsible for all activities and events in their user account.



Dolls network services according to the actual situation by a good baby.

User understanding, good baby only provide network services, in addition to the equipment and related network services (such as personal computers, mobile phones, and the other with access to the Internet or mobile network devices) and cost (such as pay for access to the Internet and telephone charges and Internet access fees paid for the use of mobile phone charges) shall be borne by the user.


Service change, suspend or terminate
In view of the particularity of the network services, users agree that the good dolls have the right to change, suspend, or terminate some or all of the network services (including the subscription network service). Such change, suspend or terminate the network service is a free internet service to the good doll without notice to the user need not be liable to any user or any third party.

Users understand good baby needs to be regularly or irregularly on the platform to provide network services (such as Internet sites, mobile networks, etc.) or related equipment for repair or maintenance, as a result of the types of cases are caused by the toll network services within a reasonable time interrupt good baby does not need to be held responsible for any liability, but good baby should notice as far in advance as possible.

Following any kind of situation, the right to suspend or terminate the network services under this Agreement (including the the subscription network service) to provide users of good baby without having to accept any responsibility for the user or any third party:
· User-provided personal information is untrue;
· Users in violation of the rules of use specified in this Agreement.

Register free internet service account in any 180 consecutive days of actual use, good baby the right to delete the account and stop the user to provide network services.


Use rules
Apply for the use of the the good dolls network service, the user must provide accurate personal information to good baby, such as personal information of any changes must be updated.

Users should not transfer the account, password or lend to others to use. If users find their account has been unlawful to use, you should immediately notify doll. The username, password illegal use by others, good baby do not accept any responsibility for the result of hacking or negligent storage of users.

Users agree that the good baby has the right to put in a variety of commercial advertisements, or any other type of business information (including, but not limited to, the ads on the page in any good baby) in the process of providing network services in various ways, and the user agrees merchandising, or other relevant business information is sent to the user by e-mail or other means to accept the good baby.

Through the good dolls network service for users uploaded to the area of ​​any content that is publicly available on a good baby website, the user agrees to the good dolls worldwide with free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive and fully sublicense right and license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, and to create derivative works, transmit, perform and display such content (in whole or in part), and / or to make such Content incorporated into the currently known or later developed other works in any form, media or technology.

Users in the use of a good the dolls network service process must follow the following principles:
· Comply with the relevant Chinese laws and regulations;
· Comply with all the relevant network protocols and network services, regulations and procedures;
· Shall not be used for any illegal purpose network service system;
· Violations of good doll commercial interests to use the the good dolls network service in any form, including, but not limited to released through good doll licensed commercial advertising;
· Shall not use the the good dolls network service system for any behavior that may adversely affect the normal operation of the Internet or mobile networks;
· Do not use the network services provided by the good doll to upload, display or dissemination of any false sexual harassment, slander others, abusive, threatening, vulgar or obscene, or any other illegal
· Shall not infringe any third party patent, copyright, trademark, defamation or any other legitimate rights and interests;
• Do not use of the good dolls network service system for any behavior that is not conducive to good baby;

The case of the good dolls network service user good baby has the right to review and supervision (including but not limited to the user to store a good doll audit), such as when users use the network services in violation of any of the above requirements, a good doll or authorized person has the right to require the user to correct or to take all necessary measures (including, but not limited to, change, or delete user-posted content, suspend or terminate the rights of the users use the network services) in order to alleviate the impact caused by the misconduct of the user.

Good doll to use for certain the good dolls network services through a variety of ways (including but not limited to web bulletin, e-mail, SMS alerts, etc.) to make any statement, notice, warning, and other content as a part of this Agreement, the user such as the use of such a good doll network services, as users agree with such statements, the contents of the notice, warning.


Intellectual property rights
Contain any text, images, graphics, audio and / or video material are protected by copyright, trademark and / or other property ownership laws protect the network services provided by the good baby without the consent of the rights holders, the above information shall not in any media release, directly or indirectly, play, out of play or publish purpose rewriting or re-issue, or for any other commercial purposes. All of this information or any part of the information can only be as private and non-commercial use and stored in a computer. Good doll is not on the above information or transmit or submit all or part of the above process delays, inaccuracies, errors or omissions from or arising out of any damages, in any form, to the user or any third party.

Good baby any software used for the provision of network services (including, but not limited to software contained any images, photographs, animation, video, sound recording, music, text and additional procedures, accompanying help materials) all rights the copyright owner of the software, without the copyright owner of the software license, User may not reverse engineer the software (reverse engineer), reverse compile (decompile) or disassembler (the disassemble).


Protection of user privacy is a basic policy of good baby the the good dolls guarantee is not open to the public or to a third party to provide a single user registration information and network services stored in the non-disclosure of the good doll, except in the following circumstances:
· Obtain prior explicit authorization of the user;
· Requirements according to the relevant laws and regulations;
· In accordance with the requirements of the relevant government authorities;
• To safeguard the interests of the public;
· To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the doll.

Good baby may partner with third parties to provide users with network services, in this case, the third party agreed to bear the responsibility to protect user privacy and equally good doll, doll entitled to the user's registration information, etc. to the third party.

Good baby have the right not to disclose the privacy of individual users, commercial use of analysis of the entire user database and user database.


User expressly agrees that use the good dolls network service existing risk will be borne entirely by themselves; all the consequences arising from its use of the the good dolls network service borne by themselves, good baby do not accept any responsibility for the user.

Good baby do not guarantee network services will be able to meet the requirements of the user, nor guarantee network services will not be interrupted, the timeliness of network services, security, accuracy is not guaranteed.

The good baby does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the set to provide users with the convenience of external links, good baby do not accept any responsibility for the content of such external links pointing to the help of a good doll actual control on any page.

Network service interruptions caused due to force majeure or good doll can not control or other defects, good baby do not accept any responsibility, but will try to reduce the losses caused to the user and impact.

Users agree that the quality defects of the following products or services provided to the user for good baby and any loss caused by a good doll without liability:
· Good baby provided free of charge to users of the network services;
· Good baby presented to the user with any product or service;
· The good doll comes with service users to the subscription network products or services.


Liquidated damages
Damage caused to the user as a result of good baby violate any of the provisions of the relevant laws and regulations or the agreement under the Good the Dolls agreed to bear the resulting damages.

Users agree to protect and maintain good baby and the interests of other users, as a result of the user in violation of the relevant laws, regulations or under this Agreement, any of the terms to good doll or any other third party losses, the user agrees to bear the resulting damage liability.


Agreement to modify
The good baby has the right at any time to modify any of the terms of this Agreement, Once the contents of this agreement changes, good baby good baby website published the content of the revised agreement after the announcement behavior as good doll has notified the user to modify the content. Good doll also prompted changes to the user through other appropriate means.

If you do not agree with a good doll modifications made to the relevant terms and conditions of this Agreement, the user has the right to stop the use of network services. If the user continues to use the network services, as a user accept modifications made good baby-related terms and conditions of this Agreement.


Notice is served
Good doll for users notice under this Agreement are available through a web bulletin, e-mail, mobile phone text messages or conventional letter transmission manner as has been delivered to the recipient; such notice to the date of dispatch.

User through the the good dolls officially announced the mailing address, fax number, e-mail address and other contact information for good doll notification should be served.


Governed by the laws
This Agreement, implementation and interpretation and dispute settlement should apply Chinese law and subject to the jurisdiction of the Chinese courts.

If the two sides of this agreement or the implementation of any dispute arises, the two sides should be settled through friendly consultations; negotiation fails, either party may apply to the good the doll seat of the People's Court proceedings.


Other provisions
This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement of both sides of the stipulations of the agreement and other related matters, in addition to the provisions of this Agreement, is not given to the other rights of the parties to this Agreement.

If any provision of this Agreement for whatever reason, completely or partially invalid or not enforceable, the remaining provisions of this Agreement shall remain valid and binding.

Heading in this Agreement are for convenience only, in the interpretation of the agreement should be ignored. 



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