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Talent Strategy
Assessment and Incentive

The competition of modern enterprises, in fact, is the talent competition. Our talent strategy stems from 100 Liss Founder, kind, fair, good faith "of the values ​​and adhere to the management philosophy of" people-oriented, poly Societe Generale "and" open, just and fair employment guidelines advocate the common development of enterprises and employees, create wealth for society, "value orientation.

1, "an open, fair, fair employment guidelines

Public - any policy is closely related to the vital interests of employees, the introduction of the system should fully listen to the views of staff and supervision of staff is widely accepted in the implementation process.

Justice - the basis of common values ​​to make a fair evaluation of the staff; clear, challenging goals and tasks is a fair verdict based on the employees' performance for each employee.

Fairness - each employee labor given to reflect the principle of the return of the "internal equity and external equity; provide fair opportunities and conditions for the development of each employee, and to expand fair competition on the basis of sincere cooperation and responsibility commitment.

2, advocated "common development" enterprise and its employees

Emphasized people-oriented corporate employees and common development of enterprises, and respect for the career development needs of staff. Process for employees to provide career development advice, it is necessary to consider the future strategic needs of the enterprise, but also to consider the personality characteristics of employees, aptitude, vocational interests and other factors that affect employees' career success, so that employees and enterprises to form a community of interests, allow employees to share the benefits of enterprise development.

3, the value orientation of social responsibility to create wealth for society is an essential characteristic of successful companies.

As a responsible corporate nurture talent, providing employment opportunities not only to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, but also a corporate obligations to society should. 100 Liss actively engaged in public welfare undertakings, both the staff felt the family atmosphere of the enterprise, improve the staff's sense of honor and cohesion, inspire staff and customer service, put the enthusiasm of the work, to maintain good communication and interaction of business and society . Contributions to socially vulnerable groups and other forms of public service activities, be able to carry forward the positive, healthy, mutual aid, and upward social habits.



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